Colorful and sparkly, crystals and precious stones have been dug from the earth and used by our ancestors for centuries. Throughout our history, beautiful stones have been exchanged, battled over, used for healing and collected and worn as adornment.

Crystals, stones and minerals are still worn as jewelry, or carried with us not only because of their inherent natural beauty, but also because they are believed to possess natural healing power and that they can improve our personal well-being. 

Some crystals are believed to have the ability to absorb and remove negative energy from your body, and replace it with positive, healing energy. Others have the ability to improve your confidence by raising your self-esteem, to help with decision making, calm anxiety and fears, offer courage and to benefit your overall health...

Here are a few examples of some crystals and stones along with their believed benefits:

Agate - Treasured as a overall healing stone

Amethyst - Promotes creative thinking, believed to help combat insomnia

Aquamarine - This soothing stone is thought to calm nerves, anxiety and fears, encourages creative verbal communication

Carnelian - A good balancer, helps one to connect with the inner-self, helping with concentration, and is said to benefit the kidneys, lungs and liver

Citrine - Raises self-esteem, good for overall emotional well-being

Clear Quartz - Probably the most popular crystal used for is easily "programmable" by ones thoughts and intentions and is used for cleansing, clearing the body of impurities and psychic debris from the energy field that permeates the human body, realigns and refocuses the body, mind, and spirit toward clear goals, increases concentration and focus, amplifies whatever thoughts have been programmed into it 

Garnet - A therapeutic stone in times or trauma

Golden Topaz - Clarifies intent linked to higher purpose, helping a person pursue their true path, improves concentration

Hemetite - Wear or carry as a protective is believed to build your self-confidence, beneficial for blood flow, stress and nerves, and to draw impurities and illnesses from the body

Kyanite - Acts as a conductor, moving energy throughout the body removing negativity and bringing in positive vibrations and energy, removes mental emotional blocks, enables new prospectives 

Labradorite - Protects against negative influences, activates a sense of multiple levels of consciousness , creates mind balance

Obsidian - Helps deflect needy or draining energy being projected by other people, brings blocked emotions the surface, making them accessible for healing, cuts through deception, bringing clarity and focus

Onyx - Helps balance the demands of everyday life with the need to rest and to find new inspiration, encourages inner stillness and focus

Pyrite - Encourages decision making and taking action, sheds light on current "problems', supports a healthy immune system

Red Jasper - Energizing and supportive, strengthens the energy field, helps circulation and promotes self-belief and the courage to act

Rose Quartz - Supports the heart, eases emotional stress, anxiety and fear, brings unconditional love into the system, and is also said to improve fertility

Selenite - A powerful conductor of energy, its cleaning effects can be felt strongly 

Smokey Quartz - Good for grounding and cleansing, keeping one in the present moment, bringing peace and calm, easing pains, neutralizes negativity and protects one from negative energy

Spinel - Energizes the mind and body, creating a positive outlook and fresh approach to the future, heals emotional toxicity, and detoxifies the body

Tigers Eye - Clears mental blocks, encouraging focus on current issues, supports a healthy metabolism and energy level

Turquoise - Powerful personal protection, enables communication from the highest source of love, eases feelings of negativity, improves self-esteem

Do they actually work? There's only one way to find out...try them out for yourself!  What aspect of your life to you wish to improve? 

Try wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry adorned with a natural healing crystal or stone, or carry one with you...see what happens:)