Some say that bracelets are not "manly"...however, if your paid attention in your history classes, your may remember that kings and warriors from different cultures wore "bracelets" and armbands on their wrists. It's a have worn bracelets for CENTURIES! 

Prehistoric man wore various bones and shells made into bracelets to ward off evil spirits...wealthy men wore bracelets to display their power and status, crating an instant association which identified their status in society as well as displaying their confidence....still do!

Wearing a stack of "statement bracelets" has long been considered a staple fashion trend for the cool and laid back, but todays beaded bracelets brings this long established trend up a notch, from ultra laid back, to high fashion!

But sometimes wearing bracelets is a necessity, as a significant number of people have a medical condition and wear medical identification bracelets to direct medical personnel.

However, if you choose to wear mens bracelets and you're new to this growing fashion sector and want to try it out for yourself, here are a few mens bracelet fashion "Do's and Dont's" you may want to heed...

DO: Go for bracelets that reflect your personal style. Wearing jewelry shouldn't look or feel "contrived", and should pair effortlessly with your personal style. This applies to both men AND women. Keep it simple and understated.

DON'T: Wear "dangly" charms, or if you must, keep them to a minimum. (Beaded charms, such as a "skull" or a "lions head" (which signifies power) should not be too cartoonish or scary looking. They should be classy and minimalistic.

DO: Go for rich browns, blacks and other natural colors for bracelets (We love the look         of matte black onyx beads, worn alone, or paired with a classy titanium watch).

DON'T: Be afraid to stack your bracelets and to mix-and-match various colors and styles together (This creates interesting texture and tone...adding richness and depth to your look).

DO: Wear with watches (but no more than 2)...and don't overpower your watch.

DON'T: Wear bracelets on both wrists, or risk looking too laid-back or like a beach bum.

DO: Mix wooden beads with natural stones and leather.

DON'T: Wear more than 2 bracelets on your wrist if you're wearing a watch.

DO: Keep bracelets simple and streamlined by wearing round, beaded bracelets in natural tones for a more "professional" and classy look.

DO: Wear bracelets like wristwatches...against the skin and under any sleeves long enough to cover them. 

DON'T: Be afraid to experiment! Invest in quality bracelets...they don't have to be expensive (Check out our section of quality mens bracelets at

Some favorite beads in mens bracelets are Onyx, Tigers-Eye, Lava, Wood, Hemetite and Turquoise.

We've come a long way in men's fashion and jewelry....from feminine glamour, to a symbol of masculine confidence.

Show your style with confidence!